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App. No. 35/002,272
Owner / Inventor:
Angela Robinson-Platz
612 12th St., Suite 204
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Travel neck pillows have become increasingly popular as more people hit the open road and skies. Travel pillows are a fantastic idea, and not just for those long flights. If you spend a lot of time on a bus, car or train; a travel pillow should be your closest companion.

MiddleSleeperTM   Travel Pillow with Head Fall Support is coming soon!


The design of our travel pillow was made with comfort in mind while travelling. Does your head fall forward just after you have fallen asleep on an airplane? The solution is here, with the all new, patent pending MiddleSleeperTM    travel pillow: Finally, In-Flight Comfort!TM


We will strive to bring you the most comfortable materials at an affordable price. We also will provide you with customer service that matters.


Coming soon, your patent pending MiddleSleeperTM    travel pillow will be available for purchase. Sign up to be the first to know when it is commercially available, . It can be conveniently carried on your shoulder, hung on your suitcase, and slim enough to fit in your carry-on. At home you can use your washing machine and dryer to clean the removable cover.

Finally, In-Flight Comfort TM


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